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Research update: Charlotte Taylor

As we get ready for the new term starting in September, this is the first in a series of research news from your lecturers. If you’ve wondered what we get up to when we’re not with you, this is it… 

Charlotte TaylorIn terms of actually doing research the academic year, 2017–2018 was a pretty quiet one for me because I was busy on maternity leave. But there was a lot going on with publications coming out from projects I’ve been working on over the last few years.

As some of you already know, my research falls into three broad (and interconnected areas): the analysis of mock politeness in interaction, representation of migration and migrants, and methodological issues of how we go about investigating discourses in meaningful ways. So, if we start with the first, I had an article published in Language and Gender titled Women are bitchy but men are sarcastic?: Investigating gender and sarcasm. What I really wanted to investigate here was the stereotypes that I was finding in both lay and…

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