Upcoming event: Statistics for Linguistics workshop

Three-day workshop in Statistics for Linguistics

3–5 March 2014, University of Sussex

Workshop Content: Statistics for Linguists
This is a three-day workshop led by Professor Chris Butler and focused on teaching the basics of statistics for linguistic analysis. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed. Topics covered include: research design, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and a range of parametric and non-parametric tests, from the t-test to log-linear analysis.  

Workshop Leader: Professor Chris Butler

Chris Butler is known internationally for his work in theoretical and descriptive linguistics. He also holds honorary appointments at the universities of Leeds, Huddersfield and Swansea, and was formerly Professor of Linguistics at the University College of Ripon and York St John (now York St John University). Prior to that he taught for almost 20 years at the University of Nottingham. He has a background in both linguistics and biochemistry and among his major publications are Statistics in Linguistics (now available online at http://www.uwe.ac.uk/hlss/llas/statistics-in-linguistics/bkindex.shtml) and Structure and Function: A Guide to Three Major Structural-Functional Theories, a major research monograph of two volumes. A follow-up to these volumes, Exploring Functional-Cognitive Space, co-authored with Francisco Gonzálvez García, is currently in press.

The workshop will be held over three days on the University of Sussex Falmer campus. 
Monday 3 March:
11.00-11.30            Registration and welcome
11.30-13.00            Topic 1: Why do (some) linguists need to know something about statistics? Some questions and answers
                                    Topic 2: Descriptive statistics
13.00-14.00            Lunch
14.00-15.30            Topic 2: Descriptive statistics (continued)
                                    Topic 3: Hypothesis testing: fundamental concepts
15.30-16.00            Tea/coffee
16.00-17.00            Topic 4: Parametric and non-parametric tests. Examples of tests for differences between the ‘averages’ of 2 groups: independent and paired t-tests, Mann-Whitney test
Tuesday 4 March:
9.30-10.30              Topic 5: Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): 1-way ANOVA
10.30-11.00            Tea/coffee
11.00-13.00            Topic 5: Introduction to ANOVA (continued): 2-way and mixed ANOVA     
                                    Topic 6: Correlation and simple linear regression
13.00-14.00            Lunch
14.00- 16.00           Topic 7: Introduction to multiple linear regression
                                    Topic 8: Chi-square test for nominal variables
Wednesday 5 March:
9.30-10.30              Topic 9: Introduction to log linear analysis
10.30-11.00            Tea/coffee
11.00-13.00            Topic 10: Practical exercise
13.00-14.00            Topic 11: Towards more sophisticated statistical analysis: brief mention of topics such as
·       Multivariate methods such as clustering and multidimensional scaling
·       Difficult data: outliers and violation of assumptions
·       The debate about null hypothesis testing using p values
·       Statistics with R
14.00                         Workshop ends

Coffee/tea will be provided, but, in order to keep costs down, lunch breaks will not be catered. There are several University cafés and a food shop near the venue. 
Registration for the three days is £100, or £25 for qualifying Sussex language/linguistics students (see registration form for more info). The registration fee is non-refundable.
To register, please request a registration form from R . Bowe @sussex. ac. uk  (remove spaces from email address)
If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Lynne Murphy: lynnem @sussex. ac. uk


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