Language Acquisition talk 16/10 in Psychology

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16/10/14 Week 4
      Dr Jessica Horst (University of Sussex)
“Young Children’s Word Learning”
Children’s rapid acquisition of word meaning is often attributed to fast mapping. However, recent research suggests that fast mapping and word learning represent two distinct components of language acquisition. In this talk, these recent data will be presented and the associative learning account, which provides a developmental explanation for children’s fast mapping and word learning behaviour, will be introduced. Both empirical research with 2- and 3-year-old children and simulations from a dynamic connectionist neural network will be discussed. The research will cover (1) what the child learns during a typical fast mapping task, (2) how this relates to word learning (3) how specifics of the task influence children’s ability to map novel names to novel objects and known names to known objects as well as a theoretical perspective that can account for these novel findings and other findings that current perspectives may be unable to explain. Finally, links to applied interventions will be discussed.
Pevensey 1 Room 1B3.
Seminar starts at 4.00 pm


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