COGS talks this term

In addition to our own ROLLS series this term, the Centre for Cognitive Science has several talks that may be of interest to linguists. Click on the links for more information.

At COGS Seminars, internationally recognised researchers from all corners of cognitive science research present and discuss their latest findings. All are welcome to attend.

Spring 2015

Tuesdays 16:00 - 17:30

Jan 27 
Construction Kits for Evolvable Types of Minds
Aaron Sloman
University of Birmingham
Jubilee 144 
Feb 3
Jubilee 144 
Feb 10
Jubilee 144 
Feb 17
The Immorality of Artificial Emotions
Blay Whitby
University of Sussex 
Jubilee 144 
Feb 24
Jubilee 144 
Mar 3
Live Coding, Notation and Improvisation 
Thor Magnusson
University of Sussex
Jubilee 144 
Mar 10
Evidence for Hierarchical Processing of the Watercolor Effect
Ken Knoblauch
Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute
Jubilee 144 
Mar 17
Jubilee 144 
Mar 24
The Brain as a Model of the World
Oron Shagrir
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jubilee 144 
Mar 31
Jubilee 144 
Apr 7
Easter Break

Apr 14
Objective Meaning
Alan Costall
University of Portsmouth
Jubilee 144 


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