Spring 2015 ROLLS

Research on Languages and Linguistics at Sussex

Spring 2015
All welcome!
All talks in Jubilee G36

28 January, 13.00-15.00
PG linguistics at Sussex
A new classification for antonymy functions in discourse:
A corpus study on Modern Standard Arabic, (Rukayah AlHedayani)
An analysis of the development of ‘critical stance taking’ in the English-medium academic writing produced by Omani authors (Jonathan McDonald)
Representing Processes in Graphic Narrative (Paul Davies)
A cognitive stylistic approach to narrative comprehension in Ten (Saeedeh Tahiri)

                  4 February, 13.00-14.30
Zoe Hopkins (University of Sussex)
The contribution of inhibitory control to language alignment in children with autism

18 February, 13.00-14.30,
Gerlinde Mautner (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

25 February, 13.00-14.30,
Kat Gupta (University of Nottingham)
"Breaking the law for selfish purposes"?
suffragettes, suffragists and direct action in The Times, 1909-1914