What's new for 2015-16

Welcome to the new academic year!

As ever, we grow and change. (That's what university's about, right?) We are happy to announce the following additions to English Language and Linguistics.

New people

We're looking forward to meeting our new students this week. Induction activities are under way. Be sure to come say hello at the welcome receptions as well as at official meetings (see your induction timetable).

Another new face (right) belongs to Tom Devlin, who will be teaching a range of modules, particularly those involving sociolinguistics and history of English. His current research concerns the relationship between sound change in Durham mining villages and external and extra-linguistic factors such as contact, speaker and group identity, orientation and perception.

We also welcome a visiting researcher, Professor Young-Shik Huangbo who works in English phonology at Sungkyul University, Korea.

New modules

At the MA level we are offering a new Spring module Language and Culture in Intercultural Communication

We also have a new autumn-term undergraduate elective, available to first- and second-year students from any single-honours course (including ours!): The Politics of Language

Both of these will be taught by Charlotte Taylor

New look

Arts B corridors have a cheery new paint scheme. Come and visit your tutors' office hours to see who's behind the doors painted 'Honey Mustard', 'Mountain Mist' and 'Proud Peacock' (among others). We'll let you be the judges of whether those colours suit us. 

Stay tuned to this blog for more news from us about new research and events in English Language and Linguistics. 


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