What’s new for 2016-2017?: New faces

Welcome to the new academic year! This year’s what’s new is more of a who’s new.

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Jackson who is joining us this year. She will mostly be covering for Charlotte Taylor & Roberta Piazza during their research leave and will be teaching modules relating to semantics (1st year), pragmatics and intercultural communication (2nd year and MA), discourse analysis (2nd year) and stylistics (2nd and 3rd year). Rebecca’s own research sits at the interfaces of pragmatics with stylistics, prosody, and semantics. Her PhD explored ‘The Pragmatics of Repetition, EMPHASIS, and intensification’ and was a part-pragmatic/stylistic and part-linguistic treatment of some of the very disparate phenomena which have been called repetition. While working on the project, she became very interested in emphasis, nonverbal communication, and intonation/prosody. She is currently preparing papers on developing and applying a pragmatic theory of emphasis. If you would like to find out more about her research, look out for an appearance on the ROLLS programme! 

We will also be welcoming Dario del Fante from University of Siena, Italy, who is visiting on an Erasmus placement from October-March. He has just finished his MA with a dissertation on A corpus based study of the representation of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in British broadsheets. He will be working with Charlotte Taylor as a research-assistant, mainly focussing on corpus design and building.

And lastly of course, we are looking forward to meeting all our new students – welcome to Sussex


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