Student bloggers wanted!

Student bloggers wanted!

Are you thinking about a career in journalism, PR, media, law, advertising, education and/or academia? Is it likely, if not, that you'll be in some career where you'll need to write reports, or research and feed back on particular topics to your team? You'll answer yes to at least one of these questions. Good writing competence is essential in the working world.

The ability to research a topic, and to write about it coherently and succinctly is relevant to all graduate careers these days, and is, indeed, absolutely essential for some of those mentioned above. Can you imagine working in branding, and not being required to write about a product for public consumption? Is there a journalist who doesn't research and present their findings and opinions to the public? Precisely. As businesses move their customer-reaching communications online, blogging is an important tool in communicating with customers. For those of us into teaching or academia, blogging is becoming a key way to communicate research, and to obtain feedback on early research ideas.

Rebecca (@chasing_ling) is looking for student bloggers to write short pieces of 350-500 words (maximum) on topics in English language and linguistics. You can drop in to see her in B247 between 10 and 12 on a Wednesday in her office hours. She welcomes work from BA, MA and PhD students. Choose any topic that fascinates you, get scribbling, and you will receive feedback on your writing, and any help that you need to mould it into a snappy and informative piece for this blog. 

Like conlangs? Tell us something about Dothraki or Klingon. Interested in 'slang'? What's happening with the rise-and-rise of a 'new' word in your area? Have you noticed cases of discrimination in the discourse of the media? Tell us about your findings. Is there a 'pet peeve' in linguistics that you'd like to explore and find out why people become angry about it? The potential is endless. We are waiting. Hone your writing skills, learn something new, and develop your online communication for the working world. Rebecca looks forward to hearing from you!


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