Lynne Murphy Discusses Trump and the American Elections in the Media

Judging by our social media analyticals, regular readers and followers of our posts enjoy a good 'language and politics' story. Lynne Murphy, Reader in Linguistics here at Sussex, in addition to her other research, has been busy the last few months engaging with the media on topics relating to the (very, very) soon-to-be-upon-us American general election.

Lynne will appear on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Verb’ this Friday to talk about words of 2016.  In October, she appeared on KCBS talk radio in San Francisco and on RTR RM (Australia)'s Talk the Talk to discuss the way that Donald Trump ‘others’ people through his linguistic choices This links with a recent article in she wrote for Quartz which examines how Trump’s use of one, tiny, commonplace expression - ‘the’ – causes him to sound racist. This article can be viewed here (if you've not seen it already - it went a bit viral.)

Keep your eyes peeled, no doubt, for further linguistic analysis after the election. If you cannot wait for your latest installment, Lynne also runs a regular blog on differences between British and American English, Separated By A Common Language.


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